At this time of the year, these are the signs I am looking forward to see. The pictures here were all taken from previous years’ applepicking. πŸ™‚

Apple picking sign
In Tougas Farm, applepickers would be directed to an orchard associate who would remind the pickers about these rules. No. 5 is a very important admonition. The man who attended to us informed us that tons and tons of apples go to waste because of sheer carelessness.
Apple Farm Sign
…either that or the apple goes to the ground. What’s one apple lost when there are so many to pick from anyway? (Oh, in case you missed, I am being quite sarcastic there πŸ™‚ )
Apple Picking sign 3
How does one know which type of apple to pick? The signs will tell. We always looked for the Cortlands.
Apple bags
When does one stop picking? When the bags are full, of course!
Apple Gabriel
The apple in his mouth says that he is having a truly great time; the frown means he is a little tired from all the reaching, and walking, and eating.


21 thoughts on “APPLE PICKING ETIQUETTE (for WPC: Signs)

  1. Dixon Apple farm in central NM about 40 miles north of us, had some of the best apples in the world. Unfortunately the farm was first damaged by forest fires and then wiped out by flash floods during monsoon season in 2011.

      1. Nope! It’s on leased land from the NM. The owners of the farm asked the State for help, rebuilding, but the state refused. The owners had to abandoned it and moved to Wisconsin, I believe (the family had run the farm for like 70 years).The State took it over and is not doing anything with it that I know of.

    1. That should be a super yummy pie, Diane. I’ve been experimenting with recipes – the one I am using now requires caramelizing the sugar and butter first.

  2. Picking fruit is a fun family activity (and makes some fine desserts later πŸ™‚ ) We’ve picked peaches in May…. it was hot, so we didn’t linger, but it was still fun.

  3. Those are very strict rules! I picked strawberries a few years ago in Melbourne under the hot sun and I actually enjoyed it. Never saw any rules like that. “Once picked, it’s yours” – of course the apple is yours once you have picked it! Where would that poor apple go if it’s left on the ground? πŸ˜€

    1. The orchard is also concerned about liabilities in case people get injured while picking apples.

      I think the wasted apples, the ones that are utterly useless, go to the dump or better yet, compost. At least, the nutrients from the decaying apples will go back to the ground.

      1. Of course. Sometimes fruit can be high up, hard to reach. Don’t want anyone tumbling over and hurting themselves. What a pity, what a waste of apples. I’m sure they can all be pulped and be made into apple juice, if they aren’t decaying.

    1. It should grow there, too, theoretically. If I recall right, you have the seasons, too?

      But if the trees do not grow there, your beautiful wildlife makes up for the lack of sweet apples. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh they grow here … it’s just we aren’t allowed to pick our own… buy themin the super msrket if you eant them isouronly choice… when we had ourown fsrm there was nothing better thsn pivking out iwnveggirs we grew butthr best was the fruit direct from the tree to thr mouth. ..

      2. Oh, bummer then. Is it a government policy not to allow patrons from picking apples/fruits from a commercial farm?

        I agree with you – there is no apple better than apple freshly picked from the tree. I never liked apple so much until I got my first apple from the tree.

  4. Love the signs for the challenge Imelda…who knew there would be so many rules for apple picking? Great photos too, especially of your son. I remember taking the kids berry picking once or twice when they were little. A fun but tiring family day out πŸ™‚

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