Apples and Roses

Apples and roses incense the earth.
Their fragrance infuse the breeze
rising from the Creator’s hands.
Blessed be Summer
and her fecund womb
that sustains body and soul.
Blessed be Autumn and her solitude
that gathers and nurtures
the weary and lost.
Who dares stop the world,
disrupt its rhythm
that only its happy dance could be seen?
Is Spring more precious than Winter
for it shows life victorious over death?
Is Summer greater than Fall
for life in bloom is more seductive
than its descent?
“To everything there is a season”
a prophet of long ago proclaimed.
Each loss, each gain
each smile, each tear,
has its place in that tapestry
woven by the eternal hands.
If the world could be seen
beyond the confines of time
death leads to Life
free of mortality’s burdens.

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