PLAYING WITH FIRE (for WPC: Nighttime)

I do not know what it is with boys but they like fire. They like things that go ka-BOOM! They like fireworks (even though they were deathly scared of its sound when they were very little).
Playing with Fire
When they learned that fireworks are legal in Maine and that one fireworks shop opened along the highway, they were quite thrilled. One August day when we were traveling up for our usual summer vacation, they begged us to stop at the fireworks place. They got two New Year’s worth of firecrackers and all sorts of stuff. I was horrified at the expense.
Playing with Fire 2
While on vacation, the children perpetually checked the weather to see when the night would be clear and they could have their fireworks.   When the appointed night came, they hurried through their bedtime routine while waiting for darkness to set in.  It comes much later up north in August.   They helped  Daddy set up and bore the mosquito bites just so they could have their few minutes of fun. they listened to Daddy’s instructions about safety.
Playing with Fire3
The night was getting old. The children had to go to bed soon. After they had their fun with their sparklers and little firecrackers, it was time for the finale. If I am not mistaken, these fountain was called Summer. It was worth its name.
Playing with Fire 4

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Happy Friday. 🙂

19 thoughts on “PLAYING WITH FIRE (for WPC: Nighttime)

  1. The kid buried inside me absolutely LOVES fireworks, so if I weren’t so far away, I’d be inviting myself to enjoy them with your kids, Imelda!

    1. Where do you live? It will be merrier to have you and more friends joining the party. Even summer picnics will be better with more friends around, too. 🙂

      1. It would be great fun, Imelda–but I’m WAY over here in the Seattle area, and I don’t do any traveling whatsoever. So I’ll have to vicariously enjoy being with you all!

    2. I’ve been thinking the WA ?Oregon area is a great place to be in. I was thinking how conducive that place is to growing roses. 😀 😀

      On a more serious note, we have visited Seattle once, about ten years ago. I liked the rolling hills and the milder climate.

      1. Yes, Oregon is all about roses! And of course we have some in WA too. The milder climate is what I love best here.

  2. Beautiful and exciting fireworks! Definitely a celebration that stays alive in one’s memory. Me & my family love fireworks too. Our last was by the beach during Fourth of July. Thanks for a thrilling post. Have a great weekend.

  3. I have some many good memories linked to fireworks and sparklers and firecrackers. New year’s day and Christmas… Seeing the sky popping up with lights is still for me mesmerizing!.
    Great photos!…Best wishes to you Imelda,
    Aquileana 😀

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