GENERATIONS (for DVerse Poets)

the creation of blood and bones
Photography by: BROOKE SHADEN (and used with permission for the purpose of writing for the DVERSE PUB prompt)  Find more of her works at

We rise
from the ashes
of those who fell before us.
Their bones frame our days
their blood fire the dreams
animating our souls.
We wear
their dignity and their shame
which is it?
We hold out our hearts in our hands
and look for hands to receive them
We whisper our thoughts in the wind
and pray
our own wishes and aspirations
will mingle with the breeze
and turn the world
to how it should be
as we imagined.
We fill our souls
with beauty and light
(though sometimes they turn out to be not)
bequeath our breath into the stars
knowing that one day
we will shed all of who we are
lay down all that we received
and all that we made
for those who come
after us.



For DVERSE’ Poetics prompt, our bartender, Grace, presented to us the works of Brooke Shaden for inspiration.  Brooke is now in India using her art to help the survivors of human trafficking.  Please click the link in the photo caption to visit her blog and learn more about her mission.  Please click on the photo to visit her gallery.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the poets of the Pub.  Let me start by recommending that you visit Grace’s Everyday Amazing for beautiful poems.  I tell you, you will be glad to went to her page. 🙂

Happy night.

12 thoughts on “GENERATIONS (for DVerse Poets)

  1. it is true… what we are mingles with what we carry of those before us and when we leave finally, those after us will inherit a bit of us and what we believed and fought for as well

  2. So inspiring to read this morning Imelda ~ I am thankful for all the paths and sacrifices made by brave men and women before me ~ We are certainly the product of the ashes, bone & blood of our people ~ And thanks for the shout out about my blog ~ Have a wonderful day ~

  3. I like most the first few lines…such a strong poem, Imelda I also love your teapot and rose photo and the looks of your blog. Congrats on it, it is truly versatile, unlike mine, which has been strictly for dverse for a long inspire me to bring it current with other projects and topics and art.

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