A TEAPOT AND SUCH (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Blue)

Cee’s challenge gives me the opportunity to showcase two of my favorite things: teapots and fine china, and roses.  I have always found pictures of fine china in a garden setting quite charming and dreamy.   I thought of following through with that inspiration  to capture the beauty of vintage crockery and the roses that are singing their swansongs in the garden.
Blue Teapot and EbbTide
I began this project yesterday morning to take advantage of the newly risen sun. Sometimes, shooting against the light works wonderfully. But the expedition yesterday did not yield the results I hopes for. The pale blue color and the gold filigree must have something to do with it. They reflected too much light on the edges of the teapot just as you see in the second picture.

Old blue teapot
This morning was cloudy but I think the light worked better today.
Blue teacup
While I was taking pictures, petals from the red roses quietly fell. they inspired me to scoop up some and decorate my little photo stage. I like the resulting contrast between the blues, white, and red.
BLue plates and red rose
Oh, if you are wondering, the blue teapot is a vintage English made teapot that I got from a flea market. The blue teacup and candy dish were from Russia; the oval platter was English made and came from an antique shop; the plate at the bottom of the pile is one of the Liberty Blue plates (and saucers and cereal bowls) that I got from an estate sale.  The roses are Ebb Tide  and Velvet Fragrance, purple and red, respectively.
Teacup and petals


Thank you very much for coming by. Visit Cee and friends for more BLUES. 🙂

28 thoughts on “A TEAPOT AND SUCH (for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Blue)

  1. Beautiful pics! I happen to lvd tea pots as well. Been in China and learned to appreciate good tea and fine little tea cups, little tea pots that brew the bat tea ever! Wonderful set up with the roses and the China 🙂 Also glad you liked my poetry, I hope to see you around often 🙂

  2. Gorgeous dark red and purple roses, the flowers surely aren’t shy about showing off their own beauty. Very well captured. You have a good eye there for creating a romantic, vintage setting with those fallen petals – like a fairy tale scene come to life right in front of you ❤

  3. Roses and vintage china…what could be more perfect than that? Two of my favourite things…now we just need to sit down and have tea together. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Gorgeous photos as always Imelda, I particularly love the colour contrast. Have a great weekend and see you soon 🙂

  4. Now these are captures that belong in a magazine Imelda! So much grace and style and absolutely stunning! That tea pot and china is gorgeous and so are the roses. Great share hon. 😀

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