NEW YORK CITY, AUGUST 2001 (for DVerse Poets)


“Buildings are forever, but Broadway plays are not,”
I said to myself as I went down from the souvenir shops
of the Building’s fourth floor to catch Cabaret.
The Windows on the World would still be there
the next time I come. I might even have the Tower
key chain memento next time around. My neck hurt
looking up at the spot of the famed restaurant.
As my heels pounded on the cobbled steps,
sights and sounds blurred in my rush to see
Brooke Shields play Sally Bowles.
The world stopped inside the theater.
The air was cool and the Nazis were on the rise
in an ordinary New York Day savored
by another tourist in town. The curtain fell
and so did night, I then had to be at Grand Central
to board the train that would bring me home
to a rented hotel room. Quick as a wink,
the visit was done. The receding skyline
beckoned “another time” that unknown to me
would never come.

The road not taken
sets the course life takes
choice cancels what-ifs.



This is my memory of my NY trip in 2001.  I thought I could go back to visit the World Trade Center, but less than two weeks  after my return to the Philippines, 9-11 happened.

P.S.  In my rush to finish and post on time, I forgot to mention that this piece was prompted by DVERSE’ Poetics Prompt – Travel Poetry. 🙂



13 thoughts on “NEW YORK CITY, AUGUST 2001 (for DVerse Poets)

  1. This is a very moving poem, Imelda. A powerful bit of nostalgia really, which really captured your experience. Sad to realize that sometimes we do not have a second chance. I did have a chance to eat at Windows of the World atop the World Trade Center about 2 years before 9 – ll & still have photos of myself there to prove it. I am glad I was there now, as the experience (of course) could never be repeated. Your poem kind of took me back.

  2. There are many places I’d like to go back too and things I have not seen in these places because I did not have the time. I guess this is life. You will never see the Twin Towers but NYC is still there to be enjoyed for many other reasons.

  3. “I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference”…the lines ring true in your case…sad most of the time there’s no second chance..a very powerful write…

  4. wow… so often what we think lasts forever doesn’t in the end..who would’ve thought this… and reminds us of how fragile things are… when i went to nyc two years ago i saw the lion king on broadway… so awesome

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