CLOWNS (for WPC: Humanity)


That second
when guards go down
when he thinks no one sees
the true self shines.

WPC: Humanity

24 thoughts on “CLOWNS (for WPC: Humanity)

  1. “The true self shines….” I like it…I like your pics and it is rare , because somehow I have always been afraid of clowns…I find them sad and dangerous…

    1. I am not particularly fond of clowns, too. They are quite intriguing though because of the disconnect between the faces they painted on and what is real.

  2. Love your view on the this weeks tropic – in Denmark there is a cancer hospital for children and they have a fulltime employed clown that helps the children with their needs and recovery.

    1. Thanks, Madhu. I think one reason I am not too wary of them, as I usually am about clowns, is the belief that they were part of the town where the fair was held. Even if I did not know them, I felt a sense of community with them. 🙂

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