IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)


Sunflowers do not grow here.
No suncatchers store light for those starless nights.
No laughter rings when darkness sets in
No smile breaks through a heavy heart
inside Despair’s maw. No ears can hear
the voices calling the soul
out of the wilderness. All is lost
all seems lost. Keep on knocking
though nobody seems to be home.
The walls may yet crack,
let Your light through. Then,
maybe, sunflowers will grow.


For DVERSE’s Poetics:  Bringing Light to Darkness


Thank you for coming by.

15 thoughts on “IN DESPAIR (for DVerse Poets)

  1. Keep on knocking …thinking of Robin Williams’ despair…maybe now more will recognize the really grave side of depression and despair and be able to seek help ..and the help will be there.

  2. A beautiful poem better understood by those who suffered the loss of a loved one (especially if it is a son/daughter). -the dark night of the soul. Yet keep up hoping and never give up – the light will ultimately reach you.

    1. Thank you, Imelda, for coming by and leaving a comment. True, it is as important for the one suffering not to lose hope and to be given hope. Never give up, never give up (both the one suffering and helping) – light may just break through. 🙂

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