WALKING MAN (for DVerse Poets)

WALKING MAN by RODIN. This image was from Wikipedia. Please click on the photo to see the entry.

Oh Man! Where are you going?
without your head, how do you know?
How do you set  a  goal for that stride,
powerful and elegant, if I may say so.
Chances are, you will say
you got a heart and that is all
you need. You will feel your way
to navigate the pitfalls
of the world; wince when you fall,
run when danger comes, and survive
just like the beasts
who go by their impulses to get
from one moment to the next
of their existence.
How would you like to have a brain
give life some thought
and harness the senses
to find your purpose?



For DVERSE Poetics’ Prompt, Bill Webb wants us to write with our authentic voice.  He encouraged us to use our everyday objects for inspiration or the works of Rodin.  This sculpture immediately grabbed my attention – it reminded me of one of my favorite admonitions “use your head”.  I am a very emotional person and “using the head”  gives me a semblance of balance and stability.


Thank you for coming by.  🙂


15 thoughts on “WALKING MAN (for DVerse Poets)

  1. Excellent interpretation of the this fascinating Walking Man sculpture through your poem. I know what you mean about those emotions…it can making using one’s head very difficult at times, and I’m saying this to myself 😉 However, you certainly ‘used your head’ brilliantly here Imelda. Have a wonderful September weekend 🙂

  2. Love your write and sometimes wish we could turn our brains off just for a few hours.
    Sorry to admit I am a heart person too. But not for long the I AM and I are working on that.

  3. Its an interesting thought Imelda, to exist without a head, no brain, but if you have heart then maybe that makes up for it in some way. Very interesting take on the image. Well done.

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