One  acorn nut
dangling from its  tree
gives me hope
for the future.

Little Acorn
A life is a seed
waiting to be
the oak took years
to be
a mighty tree.

An acorn cannot be
anything but an oak tree
Each seed is
what it is
made to be.


We spent part of Labor Day walking in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest.  My husband wanted to take the children away from their computer games and provide them, and our dog, too, with some exercise.   We all had fun trudging through the woods although my middle aged body was a bit tuckered out halfway through the walk.  And yes, this is the first time I found acorn nuts still on the tree.  It was quite a special experience to me. 🙂

P.S. After I have posted this, I realized that the nuts nowhere look like acorn nuts.  However, the leaves look like oak leaves.  I wonder what these seeds and plant are now.  The plants are just tiny shrubs which I thought to be just tiny oak trees. Can anyone help me identify this species?  Thanks. 🙂


22 thoughts on “POEMS INSIDE AN ACORN

  1. Patience is something most of us have to learn to like–an acquired taste, if you will! I’m better at it than I used to be….most days!

  2. Such a pretty poem. Hmm they do look like Oak trees but they will not have acorns till they are 25 or 50 years od I can’t remember 😦

  3. Hi good post, they are apple oaks galls made by a species of wasp that lays its’ eggs in emerging leaves in the spring,
    Deform the leaves and larvae develop and later in the summer make a hole and drop to the ground and live in the ground for a year or two living on oak roots and then develop into winged wasps, mate and start the process over again. They don’t do much harm to the trees, and pretty cool when you find them

    1. Thanks for the info. 🙂 Are the other ‘berries’ from the other photos also apple oak galls, too? I am sorry but I admit I am not very knowledgeable about these things. Thanks again.

  4. A lovely day out with the family, nothing beats the fresh air, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what these seeds are but you are right, they aren’t acorns. I hope you find out as I’m curious now 🙂

  5. Hi Imelda! These are the galls of some insect, the cocoons where their eggs develop. Nice collection, anyway. Love the Oaks since I was young. Thank you for your poetry, love it! Isn’t it amazing how 300 years long life of the Oak tree is sitting in the tiny acorn?

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