Angel of Death

Angel of death
don’t you ever tire
sowing discord
making wars
too many
have rallied to your cause
for what? for what?
for a measly piece of this world
earthly dominion
oppression of a soul
what joy
what joy
is there in someone’s fall?
Do you sleep quiet at night
or hide from its silence
that no remorse or guilt
awakens your conscience?
But do you see
don’t you see
the blood spilled
quickens the ground
where it seeped
and nurtures the blooms
that will cleanse your filth.


Angel of Death Duo

The idea of Angel of Death made me think of something beyond these mushrooms which I saw growing in the backyard of my in-laws.  I heard they are deadly, and I have no desire to test just how deadly they are.  However, they are pretty especially just after they opened.  The slugs have been slow munching on them that I had the chance to photograph some frayed-at-the-edges specimen.

Happy weekend. 🙂

For WPC:  Fray

15 thoughts on “FRAYED ANGEL OF DEATH (for WPC: Fray)

  1. Perfect words to go with your great shot! I do wonder though, How the slugs are not affected eh? so unfair for nature to create such and not allow humans to touch them 🙂

  2. These mushrooms are not exactly deadly 🙂 But it doesn’t affect your poetry: aren’t they rising from the underground, the Kingdom of Death? 🙂 I remember wandering the woods under the thick canopy of dead branches, and the mushrooms looking like pale fingers pointing from under the rotting leaves. Felt creepy for a moment 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful poems and images! It is always a pleasure to visit your page.

  3. Dangerous these. I wouldn’t dare attempt to pick any mushrooms for fear of poisoning but excellent choice for the challenge Imelda 🙂 Your photos, as always, a wonderful capture and your poem powerful and moving.

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