FIRST AUTUMN LEAF (for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge)

First Fall LeafLeaves are turning
leaves are turning
summer’s fading fast
autumn’s peeking
autumn’s marching
how quickly time had passed.


This is a late participant to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:  Metal / Fall. cees-fun-fotoHappy week to you all. God bless you. 🙂


23 thoughts on “FIRST AUTUMN LEAF (for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge)

    1. Ayay! I, on the other hand, greet autumn with trepidation because it brings in the chill and soon winter. Here in the Northeast of the USA, we are having a very mild summer. Our temps only went up to the 90’s only a few times. We are mostly in the mid-80’s which is a far cry from the past summers when we get to the 100’s.

  1. We saw blackberries in France already ripening. A definite autumnal nip returning to the air here after the stifling and sultry summer so unusual for the UK. Gorgeous autumn leaf 🙂

    1. Aw, your temperate summer must have blown over here. We barely got the the 90’s so far. We were mostly in the mid 80’s and sometimes in the high 70’s. Our blackberries ripened in late July.

      1. Wow!! That’s so cool for you isn’t it? And so early! Usually it’s not until September here for the blackberries to ripen. We had that stormy winter, way too mild and dangerous storm surges and then the hottest and driest July in years…really wondering what is in store next…

  2. We’ve had our first Autumn storm here in the UK, and it’s still only August. Everything seems to have come early this year, so I wondering if Autumn is also playing the same game.
    I love your picture. Those colours are just so beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Hugh, for the kind words. This photo was taken during our vacation in Northern U.S. and might be a Maple variety that turns earlier than the rest. I want to think that it is because I am not yet ready for autumn to come. 🙂

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