Roses of the roadsAbandoned roses
flowering by the roadside
child of Providence

Roses by the Roadside2

unadorned faces
vagaries of life revealed
truth is beauty

Roses by the roadside

Where roses flourish
even the loneliest place
cannot be too bad.

It is a delight to see roses anywhere. I found this rose bush growing wild in a vacant city lot. Perhaps, at one time, somebody planted and tended it, along with at least one other variety  that I saw bloom in early summer. Yet now, on their own, hardened by the seasons, they flourish. If only all roses are like that. 🙂

Thank you for coming by.  God bless you.

14 thoughts on “ABANDONED ROSES

  1. It’s amazing isn’t it that this rose bloomed so beautifully with nobody to tend it? A powerful message hidden there somewhere and in your beautiful poem and photos Imelda 🙂

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