PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Image Courtesy of Magpie Tales. It is this week’s prompt for MAG 230. Please click this photo to go to the page. 🙂

Do not put me on a pedestal

nothing in that little space is real

there, all my sins and all my virtues

shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes.

It is lonely at the top

separated from  humanity’s pulse

while longing for a kindred heart

to toast victories, to mourn failures.

No, do not hold me up high

for others to emulate

then hold me responsible

for their mistakes.

I am no queen nor goddess

I don’t need the scrutiny

I am work in progress

Give me room to be.




For MAGPIE TALES.  Please click the link or the photo to join or to read other responses.

8 thoughts on “PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

  1. Fantastic effort Imelda! “Give me room to be” that is all I ask for! 🙂
    PS: That bust, currently in the Berlin museum, is very high on my list of ancient artifacts to see!

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