WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)

My disembodied head spins
a whirlwind going nowhere
upwards here and there
cackling greets my arms
pulling it down
the harder I try
the faster it spirals
towards the sky
beyond the clouds
exalting at the shroud
lifting from Eden’s gate
Angelic songs serenade its wake
A cry rose and peeled my eyes
off heaven’s scented air
hurtled me down
a shooting star
into an abyss
pregnant with terror
screaming claws pulled at my hair
cobwebs suspended
my limbs in the dark
should I fall
should I fly
I am terrified of heights
guilt weighs me down
I cling to the shaft
of light piercing through
the valleys I bathed
in living waters
bloody red from the cross
my body fell
my head reeled
from the trip
to heaven from hell.


For Dverse’s Poetics (on DMT), Anthony Desmond wants us to write under the inspiration of  Jay Electronica’s Dimethyltryptamine.  I understand it to be a hallucination-like poem.  I do not care for rap music (I wonder if I even named the genre correctly), but when I looked up the lyrics, the words are actually mesmerizing.  So here is my take, a combination of anesthesia-induced  fact, meditations, nightmares,   and fiction.

Thank you for coming by.  🙂  I hope you get to check out DVERSE for more ‘surreal’  responses.

15 thoughts on “WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)

  1. wow… glad this ended with to heaven, from hell… Geese, all I have to see are cobwebs and I am terrified… bcus I know there’s a spider near by… This is a great write; a lot of twists and turns through darkness and to find that light in the end… very cool

  2. one trip i am kinda glad that i do not have to make in reality…at least you were moving in the better direction, toward heaven…ha…quite intense and vivid…

  3. Particularly liked the trip from heaven to hell image, Aldous Huxley described his experiences with mescaline as being “The Doors of Perception” later he added some further thoughts and called it “Heaven and Hell”

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