We box beauty
constricting her in lines and shapes
admitting only the few
that fit its limits
Oh, how many wish to be in
still, how many wish to be out
of the suffocating cells
that hurt both
those within
and those without.
Alas! What fortune is it
to be defined by a shape
that only wraps the gift
of soul resplendent.

for DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night

19 thoughts on “BEAUTY (for DVERSE)

  1. You pack a lot of poetic depth in these few lines here Imelda – lovely work, with such a strong finish…

  2. Too much time and effort spent on outer looks – we were born with genes that pre-determine, and putting so much stock in how we make first impressions robs us of the time to do our inner preening, pruning, discerning, shaping to allow our souls to be as you say — resplendent! Beautiful piece.

  3. A beauty of a poem Imelda…. but I personally have never been within that box and therefore look rather for the inner beauty than the outer….

    1. I think happy is the person who is judged beautiful inside than out. 🙂 The beautiful thing is, inner beauty does make a person pleasing to look at and to be with as well. 🙂

  4. Boxing beauty to a certain line and shape is limiting the potential of a beautiful idea or a beautiful person ~ When will we see that all can be beautiful in their own way~

  5. To paraphrase Bruce Lee..i am more happy to be remembered as water or wine..instead of the mapped lines of shore..or the chalice that drinks..:)and smiles 2..and have a great rest of SUNday…

  6. It is the inner beauty we need to be attuned to. When you see a person for who they truly are inside, all the years, the changes fall away, and they are forever youthful, forever the same in our eyes.

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