Stargazer Lily

Summer is a rainbow
of lilies abloom
scenting the incense rising
to ask for benediction
of long awaited raindrops
refreshing the soul.
Asiatic Lily

Wow! It’s been a full week since I last saw this blog.   I don’t know what it was but it seems the vacation bug hit me.   Well, it was little things – children’s activities, household chores, heat, and  plain inability to string words together kept me away.  I was thinking that my ability/desire to write poems or anything (which I really liked) was gone.  I was thinking I only had some limited words and ideas and that one day,  they will run out.    I thought that that day had come and  I was kind of mourning the loss. 🙂  Fern and Lilies

Anyway, my own worries aside, I just want to say “hello” to all of you with these flowers.  They came from our little garden.    The daylilies came with the house.  The previous owners of our place apparently loved lilies because not only do we have several hues of daylilies here, but also a few  Aisiatics and stargazers.    Lily pair

Then, when we moved in, not knowing what we already have, I planted a few more bulbs of stargazer lilies and yellow Asiatic lilies.    Unfortunately, some of my bulbs died when I moved them to a different area in our yard.

Yellow Lilies

Lilies bloom only once, unfortunately.   They bloom when the summer is peaking.  They bloom at just the perfect time.  Their beauty and fragrance makes gives a wonderful purpose to that dreaded summer heat. 🙂

Yellow daylilies

Thank you for coming by.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. 🙂



21 thoughts on “LILIES (for WPC: SUMMER)

  1. I have been away for a week as well, and i don’t even have kids to blame! What a gorgeous treat to come back to Imelda 🙂

  2. Lovely lilies, Imelda. Great photos of them. They look so alive and fresh. A garden full of them, that must be a wonderful sight for you and your family. It’s always good to get away from the things you usually do once in a while – there’s always another world out there. Hello, Imelda 🙂

  3. The most gorgeous ever! These are stunning captures Imelda and such beautiful colours! Love it! 😀

  4. I love your lilies! I also have worries that my store of words (stories/poems) is finite and one day I’ll have nothing…. glad it’s not just me 🙂

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