Here is my husband’s container for his big summer thirst… 🙂

We used our new picnic table for the first time.  My husband was drinking from this big jar.   The sun was setting and I thought of  taking a picture of the sun rays filling the jar with light.   It was hard to get a good angle where the jar and the light met.  I moved the glass jar several times to catch the rays, I changed my camera angles to get what I wanted.    By the time I was done, the sun had gone so low.  This photo was the nearest I got to my ideal. GoldenHarvestDrinkingJar

Thank you all for coming by.  I am having a general slow down with visits and replies to comments.  Our social life suddenly bloomed and we have been visiting new friends.    I am especially glad that our children are meeting new people and enjoying making friendships.  For that, I am very thankful.




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