Moss rose creamer and sugarOther people’s junk is my treasure
I rescue old teapots for a few dollars
give the old memories a new coat
extend their life in my cupboard
perhaps they will  reach a distant future
riddled with robots and machines
and they will tell of a life gone by
when humans were humans
when they were civilized
and when they knew how to smile.



I got the above sugar and cream set during my last foray in a thrift shop for $3.00.  I thought they were perfect with the teapot that I got from a yard sale for about $5.00 or less about three years ago.


They are not an exact match, but I think they look pretty together.   I do not know why I love these old, and sometimes, cracked and chipped, teapots.  I guess, apart from their external beauty, they remind me of a gracious era.


Thank you for coming by. 🙂 Happy weekend.



15 thoughts on “WPC: RELIC

  1. The most gorgeous relics I have seen so far Imelda! True throwbacks to a more civilized time. Love the poem, especially the concluding words 🙂

  2. Really nice to see that there are other people with exactly the same hobbies. I must have one fleamarket or thrift-shop every week, I’m a collector of many antic things and I love this. Your finds are really lovely. Wish you some more good deals. Regards Mitza

  3. They compliment each other so well. I too love to look at things from days gone by… antiques and the not so old as well… I don’t buy many things now as we downsized and don’t have room… but I still like to look…. Diane

  4. I love china tea sets…just think of all the teas we could have together in these beauties! Lovely poem too. Hope you had a good weekend Imelda 🙂

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