Red Dahlia

Last spring, we planted some Dahlias so that we can have flowers throughout the season.  Dahlias bloom from summer to fall.

Yellow Dahlia

Some of the plants have started to flower.  We bought a six-pack variety and the colors of the flowers were a surprise.  I like the yellow one because it looks cheery; the red one is truly attractive; and,  the orange one is quite charming.  Two plants have yet to flower.  I wonder what flower color they have.

Orange Dahlia

Whatever that is, they are certainly welcome in the garden. 🙂


Thank you for coming by and Happy weekend to all. 🙂

15 thoughts on “DAHLIA

  1. Lovely colors Imelda ~ At the moment I have only red roses as my son has taken the space for his herbal plants ~ Have a lovely week ahead ~

    1. Thanks, Sherri. 🙂
      I have one dahlia in full sun right now. It is a variety different from the ones in this post. That Dahlia is not doing well. I wonder if it’s the all day sun that is not good for the plant. Last year, I had a pretty good luck with a Dahlia of the same variety. I planted it in a place that gets only the afternoon sun.

      Could we be having the same trouble?

      1. Maybe. I think the full sun might be the problem although some of mine got only afternoon sun and would have done better if the slugs didn’t get to them first 😦 Which reminds me …egg shells!!!

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