I spied roses in the store
there were dozens of them in gorgeous colors
I could not help myself but get close –
David Austin Claire Rose

after all, who could refuse the call of a rose
even though I know I would be disappointed
because roses elegant as they should be
without their fragrance and thorns
are but lively silk flowers to me.

David Austin Golden Celebration Rose
David Austin Golden Celebration Rose

For what is a rose without its thorns
that say, โ€œhandle my beauty with thought:
or its fragrance that consoles
those who dares take her
at the risk of getting hurt.

Ebb Tide Purple Rose
Ebb Tide Rose

No, please, no. Don’t take any
less than a rose
is a rose
for its fragrance and thorns
or else she’s but a shell
elegant, but with no soul.

Jacques Cartier Old Rose
Jacques Cartier Rose

All of the above roses are scented.ย  Golden Celebration, Claire, and Jacques Cartier are shade tolerant.

23 thoughts on “A ROSE IS A ROSE

  1. Oh so beautiful, the roses and your powerful words – ‘at the risk of getting hurt’. Makes for a dangerous kind of beauty doesn’t it? Oh, I think you’ve just inspired me Imelda! My writing is doing strange things to me at the moment, I’m not with it, lost something, hope to find it again…

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