THE EGGSHELL HOUSE (for Dverse Poets)

The eggshell house. The eggshell house!
Beware of the eggshell house
step on the square with so much care
step on the line, only if you dare
see what happens if you trash
the rules of the eggshell house.

Don’t touch the walls lest you make fall
the eggshell house upon your head
upon your head will be disgrace
disgrace  to haunt your sorry days.

You will feel shame, you’ll want to hide
hide from piercing eyes
eyes more eloquent than words
have your quivering heart impaled
your bleeding heart will seek solace
in the numbered steps
of the eggshell house.



DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s Meeting the Bar wants some repetition in our poetic response.

18 thoughts on “THE EGGSHELL HOUSE (for Dverse Poets)

  1. ugh. i would never survive in such a place…one where you are so scared to mess up…for fear of what comes next….i know some kids that live just like that…ugh

  2. At first quite funny … then the power of the metaphor kicked in and I started to feel like Brian; how can people live like that, or force others to?

  3. Masterfully expressed – the sense of foreboding had my heart in a very familiar space within the first stanza. So happy to recognize it – and realize that sphere isn’t where I live anymore.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment. 🙂 It is difficult to be in that kind of home – it’s hard to grow. I am glad that we are out of such situations. 🙂

  4. Living in an eggshell house.. yes there have been days when I feel like that.. when every movement — every word could make it all come apart… and then the next day the house is solid as a brick… very well penned.

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