FOXGLOVE (for Travel Theme: Fresh)

Pockets full of dreams

wrapped around the hands

shield against the sting

of a broken heart.


When I took these photos, the Foxgloves (also known as Digitalis) just bloomed.  The first photo was extra fresh because it was taken just after a rain.  The second one was taken in the afternoon when the sun was going down.

Just a bit of info – Foxgloves are biennial plants.  The first year, they spend growing, the second year, they spend flowering.  They flower only once in a season.  They keep seeding themselves and after a season, you might find your garden full of Foxglove seedlings.  They thrive in the shade and I understand that they are also poisonous.






25 thoughts on “FOXGLOVE (for Travel Theme: Fresh)

  1. I love foxgloves and like to have them in my garden but thanks to the very wet and unusually mild winter this year, mine were decimated by all the slugs and snails. So lovely to see your gorgeous photos…

    1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Sherri. I heard that broken eggshells are good for controlling slugs. And beer, too. I have not tried the beer remedy yet, but I did save eggshells for use in the spring garden. I do not know if they worked so well or if we just did not have the rains we had last year. I only saw a few slugs this year.

      1. Slugs love beer and also cat food, so I’ve discovered, but I hadn’t heard of broken eggshells, so might try that too! We had so much rain as you know this winter that it is hardly surprising that we have had so many. But thanks for the great tips Imelda, I’ll let you know 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo! I didn’t know that foxgloves reseeded themselves. I don’t imagine they would grow as nicely here, but at least I can appreciate them in your photos 🙂

  3. My wife also planted foxgloves in our front yard. Yes, it is poisonous, but it is from this plant that a medicine called Digoxin is extracted, a drug used for congestive heart failure.

  4. So pretty, one of my favorite flowers that I’ve always failed to grow. Perhaps I can get it to grow at the new house – gonna have to try! 🙂

  5. I used to have foxgloves in my garden but I don’t think mine reseeded. I wish because I wouldn’t mind having a lot of them. They are different and beautiful.

    1. Do you cut the flowers? If you just let them fall out, chances are, some seeds will stick to the ground and grow. Oh, it may be different is there’s mulch around them. I do not get to mulch each part of the garden so the seeds just go directly to the dirt.

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