I am Peony,


Queen of spring gardens

 BudsBeauty is my blueprint


I bow to the rain

White Peony2

Grandeur is my burden.

Peonies aftertherain

“I am Peony,
Queen of spring gardens
Beauty is my blueprint
I bow to the rain
Grandeur is my burden.”

That’s the little piece I thought of after seeing the beautiful flowers bowed to the ground after a night of rain. Huge as the flowers already are, they simply cannot handle the extra weight of rainwater.  Peony rings are available in garden centers.  They do not work well, however.  Almost always, the plants get too tall for them and they are unable to hold up the stems properly.  A neighbor advised me that the best way to support the plant is to drive stakes around it and tying a rope around the stakes, essentially making a fence around the plants.  The rope will prevent the stems from falling to the ground.  Of course, I did not do that on time.


Big Peony Bud

24 thoughts on “PEONY (for WPC: EXTRA, EXTRA)

  1. Oh these are so fabulous, Imelda–not at all like the ones in the grocery store (so I refuse to buy them, as I’m spoiled by your photos!).

      1. Yes we do have the four although the difference between spring and summer is very hard to tell… as is autumn and winter

  2. Such a beautiful flower. Sadly my plant didn’t even make it close to getting too big before it died. Your photos are gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Was it the rain or the heat? There was a year, when summer came too early, when the flower buds just shriveled. So, I was worried that the peonies would not bloom this year considering that spring came a little later and it was already getting warmer even when the buds were still tight.

      1. I can’t say for sure but given our hot Alabama summers my instinct is to say heat. I sure would curl up and die if I had to be outside all day… yesterday was 95! Haven’t tried them since but they sure are a gorgeous flower!

  3. What a perfect peony poem! I have a yard full as well but that last image made me want more- I’ve got white and pink, and dark pink but I think I need to find one of *those* ones too! 🙂

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