Trellis in the side yard

Come and see the garden
let’s leave our cares for awhile
we’ll float above the blades of grass
see the flowers through fairy eyes

Joseph’s Coat roses by the front steps

Come let us smell the roses
rising above their thorns
let us kiss the velvet petals
still wet with the mist of dawn.

Can you see the Clematis
poised on her delicate vines
twirling round and round the arbor
as she reaches for the skies.


Shhh…. let’s tiptoe around the lilies
they are still fast asleep
they’ll  open their sleepy eyes
at the height of summer’s heat.

The peonies are yonder
beyond the dancing daisies’ place
if we follow the scented air
we won’t miss their ruffled faces.

Peonies by the front porch

Let us pause for a moment
scoop the spent petals in our hands
give them our one last caress
before we lay them on the ground.

From here we’ll proceed
to see the tomatoes in their beds
growing with the basil
and peppers and other herbs.

Clematis-Sta- of-India
Clematis in the front yard

We can chase some butterflies
as we go our merry way
we’ll flit among the buttercups
bobbing in the breeze of May.

Beneath the  Mock Orange boughs
we will  have our rest
while listening to the cheerful tunes
of the Sparrows in their nest.

Mock Orange flowers in the backyard

And in case you are interested, here are more pictures. 🙂  Please mouse over the images to remove the mist effect of this WP theme I am using.  Thank you for coming by.

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27 thoughts on “A GARDEN WALK

    1. Thanks for coming by, Becky. 🙂 Yes, this is our garden, Becky. The spring flowers are nice to bloom at the same time this season.

    1. True. The perennials just get bigger each season and are easy to care for. They actually take care of themselves as long as they are in the right spot.

    1. I do. I think having a garden is the biggest attraction of owning a house for me. I do not care for the home maintenance stuff (I think they tie us down and require too much expense), but gardening makes it worthwhile.

  1. Oh what sheer delight, Imelda–I enjoy the gardens of the blogs, as I live in an apartment; and I’m especially glad you included peonies–they seem a romantic flower, to me. Lovely–thank you!!

    1. Welcome, Starralee. I am glad you enjoyed the virtual garden. Peonies are truly beautiful – they are big, and showy, and fragrant. You only need a stalk to fill a vase and the flower lasts for several days indoors.

  2. I just love your poetry this morning… or this morning for me and the accompanying photos makes me feel as if I’m walking around the garden with you… brilliant post….

    1. Thanks, Jessie. I am more than glad to invite you for a visit. 🙂 Speaking of gardens, I suppose yours are in bloom, too, these days?

      1. They are, we’ve been out of town, so I’ll have lots of catching up and picture taking to do when we get back. I’m hoping to do a “garden walk” sort of post as well. Clara found a tree frog sleeping in a peony flower and it’s so cute I’ve gotta share it!

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