David Austin Rose, Tamora

I bloomed today.
I bloomed through  grey skies,
with parted lips
I savored the rain.
Still I bloomed.
Life doesn’t wait
for a better day.



We’re finally back home after our spring get away.  We’ve been busy putting our house in order since we arrived.  Specifically, we’ve been busy taking care of the garden.  Our vegetable bed was over run with weeds, and the grass on our lawn was knee high when we arrived.  But the flowers waited for us.  Thanks to a delayed spring, it took longer for the flowers to bloom.  The peonies look great although the rain last night brought them to the ground.  A pity.  I’ll post some ‘garden tour’ photos when I get the chance (hopefully before the flowers are gone).


9 thoughts on “I BLOOMED TODAY

  1. Just got back myself from a short sojourn on business to our fairest cape and the city of Cape Town. It greeted us with cold and rain, not the sort of welcome we hoped for… love you poem..

  2. “Life doesn’t wait for a better day” Thank you for that beautiful reminder Imelda! Happy the flowers waited for you 🙂

  3. Beautiful as always! I love your photos and the words that go with them – you are a very talented lady 🙂 Enjoy your garden!

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