WILDROSES BY THE ROADSIDE (for Travel Theme: Unexpected)

I have seen all there is to see in this City.
We have gone here many times for  business and pleasure.
I have visited the river that split Bangor in two
and the bridge that made it whole again.
I have walked its roads, I know they run
parallel to each other. The buildings are of stone
and bricks, wearing old age’s grandeur.
There are pockets of green on the side of the road,
growing lush and wild in the summer.
I have seen them. I have seen them all.
On that gray day, where rain fell in a drizzle
everything looked bleaker than usual.
We turned a corner, a branch full of flowers
hang from the wild boughs – mock orange blossoms,
I supposed. I stopped to take pictures,
and was surprised to behold wildroses ~

Where wildroses bloom
even the unpleasant road
casts Eden’s shadow.

The sight of roses blooming profusely by the side of the road was truly unexpected. Needless to say, it made that rather ordinary trip to Bangor special.

Check out the Unexpected photos here: AILSA’S TRAVEL THEME.

Thank you for coming by. Happy weekend. 🙂


25 thoughts on “WILDROSES BY THE ROADSIDE (for Travel Theme: Unexpected)

    1. Hi Joy. Do you still have your blog? I was trying to get there from the link in my blogroll and i got the notice that “Blog has been removed.” Tama ba?

  1. Imelda, I always marvel at your writing–it is distinctly different from the ordinary, has a lovely old-fashioned classical feel/sound. I love it.

    1. You know, Starralee, you are the first one who gave me a feedback about how my writing sounds like. I just write and write without a clue about how others perceive my work. And I certainly do not know what kind of voice/style I have. It’s nice to have an idea, especially since you said you liked it. ha ha ha 🙂

      1. Well, I can’t speak for other readers, but I appreciate it when people say more than, “nice poem” on my posts. It’s nice to know “more”–how it touches them, or how it sounds and feels from either a technical standpoint, or emotional one. I try hard to put something “more” into my comments–unless of course, I just have nothing to say! Your writing is very distinctive and attractive to me–and I’m not just being “kind”. I’m thrilled to have met you here, and look forward to your every post–plus you’ve opened my horizons to dVerse and Poetry Jam. If I could ask your advice about something: do you think it would benefit me to have a blogspot blog–and could it just be a duplicate of my WP blog? Sometimes it’s difficult, being at WP, to follow and comment on the blogspot blogs. Any help you can give would be appreciated–and I’m not wanting to make extra work for myself, so if I could just make it a duplicate blog, I might be amenable. Thanks!

      2. Thanks, Starralee. I appreciate your feedback to my posts. I kind of follow the same principle as you do with respect to laving comments. When there are pieces I do not immediately grasp, I look at the comments left to have an idea about the poem I am reading.

        I am glad you are enjoying your participation in the poetry communities. I ‘met’ a lot of poets and broadened my horizons that way.

        With respect to differences in Blogger/Wp platforms, I’ll let you in on a secret. I was reluctant to comment on a Blogger post because I feel that Blogger is not as friendly as WP? So, I click a blogger log last and search for WP posts first. :-)) Naughty me. On the other hand, that may also be how a Blogger – user might feel about my WP page.

        I think you do not have to have a separate blog page for Blogger link-ups. I do not think it will address the difficulty of leaving a comment on a Blogger will still be the same. On the other hand, you will have to exert extra effort maintaining two blogs with the same content. Eventually, one might be favored over the other. Although, I know of at least two people with two blogs. One has a Blogger/Wp combo (let us call her Princess), the other has two Blogger pages (let us call her Duchess). Both use their pages to link up, depending on the kind of poetry they wrote, not the kind blog platform a poetry group has. For example, Magpie Tales and Poetry Jam are both Blogger pages. Princess sometimes links her WP, other times her Blogger page, depending on the kind of poetry she wrote. DVerse is a WP page, but Duchess links up her Blogger page. And she is not the only Blogger user there. Ah, what am I saying now – there will always be a Blogger or a WP user in a poetry group. Ah, wait until you encounter Disqus and some other platform. You will get used to it because after a while, Blogger will have an idea about you and it will retain your information specially in Blogs that you visit regularly.

        I hope my explanation was not too confusing. 🙂

      3. Hmmm, what a mess! I appreciate your input, so thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Interesting, that you think Blogger is not as friendly–you mean “user friendly”, I’m guessing? Because the blogspot poets seem quite friendly in their comments to me, thus far. I think for now I’d best just work my WP blog–not drive myself crazy, trying to do 2 separate but duplicate blogs. Things are going well, and I don’t want to take unnecessary risks–but I’m still very glad to have joined in with Poetry Jam. Kind of depends on the specific prompt, whether I’m going to work “extra”–with dVerse, we only have a day to do the prompts (I’m so used to having a week!). Thanks again, so much, Imelda!

      4. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it is the Blogger platform that is not very user-friendly. Check Magpie Tales every Sunday for a new image prompt. Its prompts run for a week, too. Thanks and welcome to you, too. I am glad to be of help.

        On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 10:59 PM, MY WALL wrote:


  2. This poem really struck me Imelda because I felt that you were taking me on a journey and then, there was the ‘unexpected’ ending…the joy of the wild roses in bloom which I could tell really brightened up your otherwise ‘samey ‘ journey. Love the photos too…you know how much I love my roses and these are gorgeous 🙂
    The blog hop post is up…thanks again for the opportunity 🙂 http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2014/06/09/virtual-blog-hop/

  3. Oh wild roses .. I love the smell, and sight of them.. we have a few in our garden.. but they are also rich in thorns.. somehow your haiku reminds me of the Nick Cave song (where the wild roses grow).. but that’s a sad path to go.. wonderful haibun you have written.

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