THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

My basket is full of words,
from the garden that I tend.
They are bitter and sweet,
and every flavor in between.

I gathered them all, put them on my plate
though I don’t really care
about how some taste.

I do not know how those words grew and thrived
another must have planted them
there, in the recesses of my mind.
Yet, I picked them anyway and laid them out
like treasures from a treasure chest.

The vile may have some use,
though it is not as favored as the sweet.
I understand, the sour can enhance
the bland, when handled by a seasoned chef.

So, I try to be that chef in mind –
mixing a pinch of darkness, a dash of snark
a handful of questions, a spoonful of advice
topping a bed of existential light –
until the recipe is just about right.

I prepare the words, for any soul
(one can’t say I’m not hospitable)
will it give him life?
or deal him death?

All I know – what I have given away
I cannot repossess.



For DVERSE’ Poetics prompt, Shanyn wants us to imagine our words as seeds – how they grow, what they become.   I do not know where the word seeding went.  I guess my words are the seeds that got eaten instead. 🙂


15 thoughts on “THE HARVEST (for DVerse Poets’ Pub)

  1. you are right…while the veg comes with a flavor, a seasoned chef knows how to maximize them…and also knows using fresh is the best…i like mine straight out the garden…great last line to ponder as well…

  2. I love the idea of being a seasoned chef (my son is one) of words and serving it when its about right ~ I say you give it light across the page ~ Very well done Imelda ~

  3. i enjoyed reading your poem, as always, Imelda! wonderful lesson indeed! use words kindly and cautiously for those spoken cannot be taken back.

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