I was asked by my friend and fellow creative, Laurie Kolp, to participate in a virtual blog tour. Its goal is to introduce talented bloggers as they share insight into their creative process and current projects. You can visit her tour post at Laurie Kolp Poetry.

Laurie  is an accomplished poet. Her poetry has been published in magazines like The Christian Communicator, Writer’s Digest, Red River Review,   among others. She just released a poetry book, Upon the Blue Couch, available in Amazon. Laurie is a member of The Academy of American Poets and Vice President of Texas Gulf Coast Writers.   She also contributes to the online communities DVerse Poets’ Pub and Poetry Jam.

Now, you have to bear with me a bit as I try to talk about my chaotic thought process. 🙂

Bluets on Rock-watermarked

What am I working on?

I am always working on the next poem. I am hoping that one day, I will have enough material for a poetry book. Towards this end, this summer when I have more time, I intend to print the poems I’ve written all these years and sort them according to theme, kind, etc.

How does my work differ from others of each genre?

My work reflects my views and personal experience about the world. It has my memories, sometimes written upfront as such, at other times, in metaphors. In a sense, each poem is my portrait.

Also, I want to think that although some of my pieces have sad and painful subjects, they always highlight the hope and beauty in any circumstance. Nothing is too dark as to be not penetrated by light. So, I hope that whatever I write, in the end, offers hope and encouragement.

But that is just what I think and wish.  I do not really know how others find my work. 🙂


Why do I write/create what I do?

The general answer is, I like the process of creation. Specifically, I write what I write because it is my reality and I want to capture in words the reality that my mind sees. Second, it is a good way to sort out my thoughts about a particular subject. In the process, it makes me know myself better. Third, it is one way to come to terms with my world. Fourth, I see my work as a way to share myself with the people I love, especially my children. To them, my poems will be starting points for knowing who I am and the life I have lived.

How does your writing/creative process work?

Images give me a lot of inspiration. When you read my poems, there is almost always a photo that accompanies a piece. It can be a photo prompt from a poetry group, or an image that I myself took. Once I get the main idea from the images, I imagine what’s next, what logically follows from my initial idea. Then I see how the words and images flow together.

I do most of my brainstorming during the day whenever I get some piece and quiet at home, for example, when I am washing dishes or folding laundry. I have four children and I am homeschooling the older ones. There is hardly any restful moment (of mind and body) between school and making sure that the little ones don’t do anything foolish. When I can sneak some writing during the day, I scribble my rough notes. At night, I try to finish the piece and do some edits. Some pieces take an hour to write, some pieces take days, even weeks. I have a lot of drafts of poems in my spiral notebooks and in my computer.

Red Rose and raindrop


Ah, thank you for letting me chew off your ears, in a manner of speaking. Let us now get to the more interesting part – introducing to you my talented writer friends. I am proud and honored to have here, Janna, Marilyn, and Sherri.


gravatar 02-14 - editJANNA or Janna T as she prefers to be called,   is a terrific storyteller.   I have been reading her works for a couple of years now.  Her ability to create  characters always amazes me.    Her thrillers send chills up and down your spine. Here she is in her own words:

For four years, I’ve blogged as “JannaT”.  These days, I write mostly short stories and poetry.  Sometimes I write about life- what inspires me or makes me laugh.  I’m writing a novel as well, but my addiction to flash fiction writing prompts serves as a perfect excuse for procrastination.  By day, I work in the insurance industry; at night, I write when I can.  Twenty-four hours a day I’m a wife (to my husband of 17 years) and a mom to two sons (ages 11 and 8.)  We own a house that our three cats and two dogs graciously allow us to share with them.

Get to know Janna and her work at JANNATWRITES.


MARLYN, Marlyn Suarez-Exconde, writes poetry which she pairs with her own or her children’s art. Her poetry is at once magic and innocence and commentary about life and society. They do make one think about life and prevailing issues.

Marilyn obtained her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Literature from one of the Philippines’s elite universities – University of Santo Tomas. She enjoyed the glamorous corporate life for fourteen years until she decided that her family was her first priority.  You can check out  and  follow Marilyn’s works at KINTAL.


SHERRI is the gracious author of A VIEW FROM MY SUMMERHOUSE. I love her sparkling prose that makes reading her posts very fulfilling and enjoyable. Sherri Matthews Her articles, stories,  and poetry, among others, have appeared in national UK magazines, Prima and Your Cat.  Sherri has worked both in the medical and legal field, however, she finds most fulfillment in being the mother of three, now grown, children. Widowed young, remarried twice more, Sherri has faced many challenges, both in her home country of England and California, where she raised her family for twenty years. She started to pursue her writing dreams in 2011 after she lost her job and her daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Today, she lives, writes, gardens, walks, and takes endless photographs in the West Country of England, happily, with her husband, daughter, two cats, and a corn snake called Charlie (her daughter’s, acquired after many years of persuasion.  Sherri is also busy writing her Memoirs.  Apart from her blog, you can also follow Sherri in Facebook and Linkedin.

Thank you all for dropping by. Please check out the pages of these wonderful friends and writers. 🙂Hummingbird2


21 thoughts on “VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR

  1. Very interesting post… I write a little poetry, but nothing is thought out, it either writes itself or there is nothing, if I try to write it, there is definitely nothing… and I so wish I could do it as I love poetry… thanks for the intro to your friends. Sherri I already know and follow, but will definitely go and look at the other two…

    1. You should continue liking poetry. When you are comfortable, post them in your blog. You might be even surprised by how your poems will be well-received. Thank you for visiting here.
      I found your blog through Sherri, in fact.
      Thank you for checking out my other friends. You will enjoy their writing. 🙂

      1. You can look at some poetry prompts for inspiration. Who knows if something clicks when you see and think about the prompts. For example, you can check (prompt goes up on Sunday and is up through the week), (prompt goes live on Tuesday and is live for a week), (prompt goes on Tuesday and Thursday), and then of course, you have your photos. As you look at the prompts on a more or less regular basis, you’ll be surprised how your brain thinks poetry even when you’re not aware of it.

        Happy writing. 🙂

  2. I don’t know how you are able to take such beautiful photos and coordinate them with poetry AND care for four children! I’m glad you do, though 🙂 Thanks so much for including me in your introductions.

  3. What a great post Imelda, I really enjoyed reading about your writing process. You already know what I think about your photographs and poetry – exquisitely beautiful – but knowing that you manage to do it all so wonderfully while looking after and homeschooling your children amazes me! I hope you find the time to put together your poems into a book. Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog hop and I look forward to checking out Janna and Marilyn’s blogs too! 🙂

  4. You may have noticed that I absolutely love your blog, Imelda. 🙂 I agree that Sherri is a wonderful writer, and her posts always draw me in. Your other two choices sound very worthy of a look see. I’ll make a note. 🙂

  5. Even your saddest poems are always filled with light and inspiring beauty Imelda. And your photography is just as delightful. Thank you for the peek into your creative process and for the links to these lovely blogs.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Imelda… and I thank you for participating in the virtual blog tour.

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