White Bluets in bloom

sprinkling of stars on the grass

compels one to kneel.



Delicate blossoms

standing as one in the wild

cannot be ignored.


Take care where you step

fairies feast in the castles

right under your feet.


The long winter delayed spring in Maine.  The spring flowers are just starting to bloom and the Bluets are still on the ground.  What a treat!  I was sad to leave home for this Maine vacation.  I would miss the blooming of the peonies,   the clematis, and early roses.  But then, I will  see the apple trees and other flowering trees bloom.  I guess that’s a good exchange. 🙂

Happy Monday. 🙂


13 thoughts on “RHAPSODY IN BLUE(TS)

  1. A good exchange Imelda! Last year I missed my early roses blooming when we went away for 2 weeks but this year I get to see them, about to blossom! Your photographs and poem, as always, beautiful…

  2. I hadn’t heard of Bluets before Imelda! You capture their delicate beauty perfectly with your words and lens. Enjoy Maine 🙂

  3. Absolutely stunning views Imelda and your words truly compliment them so well. Great captures and enjoy the vacation. 😀

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