GONE TO WORK (for Magpie Tales)

Painting by EDWARD HOPPER, The Restaurant, 1922. Magpie Tales’ Mag 220 Prompt

I cease to be when I walk through the door
in the uniform that proclaimed my turn
as the handmaid of customer’s desires.

My body snaked among the hungry crowd
to bring offerings to my demi gods
lost in their worlds hidden in the sound

of tinkling silver and conversation,
while I hide in the secret spaces of my soul.
Do they see me separate from the role

that blends me with the rhythm of this hall?
The aroma of food rose like incense
appeasing most appetites but the hottest

of passions. While they indulge their senses,
I suppressed my own until the hour
when I can be one with myself again.





11 thoughts on “GONE TO WORK (for Magpie Tales)

  1. I like the perspective Imelda ~ I think of work as serving others and suppressing my own desires until I am alone and can be by myself ~ Happy Sunday ~

  2. What a beautiful blog!!! And I like the perspective of being the service provider here in your piece…a nice juxtaposition against the painting of the dining crowd. In every job we do we are all service providers in some way to our bosses, our clients and our customers. And yes…Ferrero Rocher is my kryptonite too.

  3. I liked your take on this from the view point of the service provider. Your use of words is so creative and very much appreciated from a reader views point. This was wonderfully written!

  4. As a server and a writer, I appreciate this on so many levels. Elegant, honest, hauntingly beautiful…thank you for capturing something I never knew how to put into words

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