Are you tired of your usual drinking straw? or just plain out of some?

Drinking straw


I have the perfect suggestion for you!  It is economical.  Environmental friendly.  And Safe (as far as I know).

Dandelion Straw


My husband said that he used to use Dandelion stalks as drinking straw when he was a young boy.  Of course, our own boys had to try.  They had fun drinking through the dandelion straw and I have not heard of any tummy ache complains.  So there!

Dandelion in water


And if you are already tired of  mowing the fields or blowing on the puffs, why not harvest those golden crowns and make fritters! Yes, fritters.  They are  a bit chewy and oily for my liking though.   But can you just imagine how much grocery bills we can save if we feast on dandelions constantly?

Dandelion Fritters

All these Dandelion stuff may not be a twist for many of you at all.  But to me, they are.  After all, I am one of those who look at these greens as weeds.


Thank you for coming by.  Happy weekend. 🙂



48 thoughts on “WPC: TWIST

    1. Thanks, Inge. I learned from the comments that most of the dandelion parts are actually edible. The leaves can be used in the salad. We have not tried that yet though.

    1. 🙂 It did look like a lot of fun. Some commenters even said that dandelion can be turnd into dandelion ade or even tea. How wonderful is that? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I just learned from the comments here that dandelion is such a powerhouse and that most of its parts are edible.

  1. During a speech in class I learned that eating them is a good source of…something….! I feel awful for not remembering but dandi’s are quite healthy to eat. Personally Ive never tried them tho…. 😉

    1. People should learn about the usefulness of this plant then. It seems that this plant is useful for a lot of things and yet they are mercilessly yanked out of lawns. What a waste of resources. 🙂

    1. I am not a fan of the fritters myself. As for the fun part, Joan (the commenter below) said that the dandelion flowers can b strung into necklaces. Jessie said her children look forward to dandelion ade. So many uses!

  2. And if you don’t like them, you can always twist them into necklaces. A fond childhood memory, my sister and I could sit for what seemed like hours in the yard, collecting and tying them together to make jewelry!

  3. oh nice… the dandelion straws look so much nicer than the plastic ones.. very cool… i’m not sure if i would try the fritters though…maybe i should…smiles

    1. I was incredulous when my husband told me that the dandelion is edible. I learned about dandelion being a weed first, before I thought about it as food.

  4. We’ve made dandelion fritters, and Clara was so excited when the first ones started blooming this year because then we could make dandelion lemon-aide but we’ve never used them as straws we’ll have to try that next!

    1. Dandelion lemon-aide! That’s sounds neat. I think your children will enjoy the straws…now that I think about it, why not include some bubbles too? I think they’ll be good for blowing bubbles.

  5. Great twist this Imelda! I had no idea that you could make fritters out of dandelions!! A very happy weekend to you too… 🙂

  6. Fascinating idea, Imelda. I believe Dandelions are very beneficial to the health. I used to drink Dandelion tea, but can’t seem to get it here any more. I think I’ll give the fritters a swerve though. 😀

    1. Dandelion tea? Wow! This little weed/plant is so useful then. Maybe, people should be educated about its many benefits so that they do not just go to waste.

  7. such a great post, Imelda! so you just gather dandelion flowers, heat up some oil and fry the tops? i love the idea of the straw as well. 🙂

    1. Sun, prepare some batter and dip the dandelion flowers in it before deep frying the flowers. I think you can also use the leaves as part of your salad greens. I have not tried using the greens from our yard though.

      1. i’m always afraid to pick from the yard fearing i may mistake it to be a poisonous plant instead of the real stuff i want. ha-aha. but dandelions are the ones with the round fluffy things that blow out when a wind hits so it should be easy to spot. i hope. 😛

    2. 🙂 Yes, they are the ones with the big round puffs. There are flowers that look like them, e.g., hawksweed, but their flowers are smaller and their leaves are different, too. Dandelions have this curvy curly long smooth leaves that all come from the ground.

    3. No. The hawksweed is yellow but is not as big as the dandelion. The faded flowers can also b fuzzy but it is not as big as the dandelion’s. I think I have several pictures of dandelions in this blog – just use dandelion as search term if you are interested. In Ode to That Dandelion, I have a collage of dandelion in various stages of growth. Maybe, that will help. 🙂

      1. thanks, i just read your neat poem on the dandelion. perhaps you will follow up with an ode to the hawksweed. 🙂
        – i’m going to look tomorrow in the yard for dandelions. thanks!

  8. I’d never heard of using the stems as straws (but have heard of eating dandelions in salad.) I’m with you – I think of these as weeds, not dinner 🙂

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