Iris raindrops

The cracked earth hissed at the touch of rain,
dust rose like smoke from the ground.
The musk of loam hang heavy in the air
while heat trapped the breath in our lungs.

Thunder rumbled in the distance
and rattled the walls of our house
The rain that fell through holes in the roof
we tried to catch with our hands.

The culverts made little rivers
we longed to play in the yellow flood
but Mother held us with her glare –
“worms will invade your tummy,” she warned.

Rain would stop and it would be quiet
enough to hear the water fall
from leaf to leaf, and leaf to ground
waking after a long dry spell.

The world would then celebrate
in joyful cacophony
of frogs belting full throated croaks
that drown the birds’ trilling symphony.

Ofttimes, we would see a rainbow.
How excited we’d be at the sight
but we could not point with our finger
lest we incur the ire

of the spiteful rainbow spirit
who deemed finger pointing impolite
though we were told they’d never ever mind
if instead we pointed with our mouth.



Manicdaily wants us to write a slant rhyme for DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar, while Poetry Jam wants a poem about rain.   I went back to my childhood in the Philippines for inspiration.  The memories brought me some practices that I suppose are utterly Filipino – pointing with the mouth, superstition about using the index finger to point at a rainbow, and my mother’s warning that worms will crawl through our skin if we played in the mud.  I do not think that the rainbow superstition had anything to do with our mouth-pointing practice though.  I think the latter was born out of convenience.  See, we can still give directions even when both our hands are full.  How efficient!


Thank you for coming by.  Happy Friday night and weekend to you. 🙂  Please visit the links for wonderful poems.


24 thoughts on “MEMORIES OF A TROPICAL RAIN (for DVERSE and Poetry Jam)

  1. I try not to point with my mouth, smiles ~ I love your memories of rain, with the sounds of frogs & birds ~ At this time of the year, its really hot and we look forward to rain & its joyful cacophany ~ Have a lovely weekend Imelda ~

  2. So nice to share this.. Your writing is so vivid that I can really see the rain in the tropics.. I especially like that end .. When rain continue to fall even and suddenly the world is live with sounds..

  3. smiles…. i will try and point at the next rainbow with my mouth… and probably confuse everyone with this… smiles… a bit sad that you weren’t allowed to play in the mud cause that was always the funniest part after a heavy rain when i was a kid… cool to learn a bit about those traditions as well imelda

  4. Tropical rain and the feast you describe suggest a very different experience from my own. I like to see how it makes everyone rejoice and create lovely memories for children.

  5. I enjoyed your poem as well as your description of Filipino customs. Rain is really an enjoyable thing for children, isn’t it? The idea of worms invading one’s tummy though must have been terrifying. Smiles. Nice to see you over at Poetry Jam.

  6. ha. ok, next rain i will try to point with my mouth…love all the sounds in your words…it makes the scene come alive…yikes on the worms…i would not want that….smiles…

  7. Woah… I like the idea of rainbow spirits and mouth pointing. I will try that sometime. In fact I am practising right now! :0)

  8. My husband’s Cree relatives point with their mouth, lips or chin – and everything is “over there” and either “not far” or “aways” – this was a great piece. Loved it and your post script as well!

  9. Lovely description of rain after a long dry spell. I especially enjoyed your inclusion of customs from the Philippines.

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