Lily of the Valley

Their scent calls to the eyes
to show them a thousand delights –
Lily of the Valley of the purest white.

Lily of the Valley2




14 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: BLOSSOMS

  1. Stunning. You just get better all the time, Imelda. Such delight.

    Don’t you just love the scent of Lily of the Valley? My wedding bouquet was Lily of the Valley and white roses bound together artfully with a white missal.

    1. Thank you very much, Jamie.
      I never saw Lily of the Valley until I lived here and the scent of these little flowers never fail to amaze me. We have a few plants planted near our door and the fragrance of the flowers greet us as we walk by.

      I can imagine how beautiful and timeless your bouquet was, roses and lilies, fragrance and beauty.

  2. Reblogged this on THE BARDO GROUP and commented:
    The lovely young mother, Imelda, delights her thousand-plus followers with her artful photographs of flowers sometimes found in unexpected places. Often, as with these two Lily of the Valley, Imelda pairs her photos with a sort poem. Bravo, Imelda …

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