What do you like more – the puff or the flower? 🙂

Puffs Dandelion Puffs BW Dandelion Puff 2 BW Dandelion Puff Color

Happy Monday! 🙂


21 thoughts on “DANDELION PUFFS

    1. Dandelions do make gardening a bit more challenging. 🙂 And don’t ask about our lawn – we can feast on dandelions everyday if we are so inclined.

  1. Of course the puffs. It floats gently and lands softly. That tells a lot in life! The pics are fantastic! Wonderful take Imelda!


    1. So it’s puffs handsdown. They do look magical and when the wind blows, the floating puff make it look like a thousand fairies are flying.

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