Lily of the Valley 2

The Lily of the Valley in our yard are blooming.  Their sweetness greet us as we step into our driveway.  Being close to their perfume is the best part of taking their pictures, good enough compensation for the sore knee I get from kneeling on the ground to get a good view of the flowers.  🙂 Please hover over the pictures for a clearer view of the photos.  I am using a page design with the mist effect. 🙂

Lily of the Valley BW


11 thoughts on “LILY OF THE VALLEY

  1. I’m planting these flowers in my small garden but it seems like they are not growing. Don’t know what’s happening with them. 🙂

    1. Inge, Lily of the Valley prefer less sun, shady spots. Try planting them where there is less sun, if they are not already. 🙂 Once they find their footing, they multiply quickly.

      1. Thank you very much for your tips, Imelda. I’ll do it soon. I put mine facing west but I think it’s still too hot for them as there’s no shelter above them.

  2. How nice to find your blog. I got waylaid from my commenting on the quotation post – these Convallaria images are so interesting. You say the entire page is misty? And then you apply a mouse-over to clear the fog so to speak? Tell me more. I’m intrigued. I can do mouse-overs between two images I upload, butthat is all.
    Mine are now over, sadly, but after three weeks of scent and beauty one can’t complain.

    1. Hi Jo-hanna. I am using this WordPress style called Misty. I like it because it gives me a neat background and a useful sidebar. However, true to its name, it kind of puts a glaze over the pictures. To remove the glaze, one has to mouse over the photos. I do not know if there is any other style that does that.

      3 weeks is a pretty good run for the lilies. You must have a lot of them. Our lilies here are already at their peak, I think. They may be good for a few more days to a week more.

  3. I have hundreds of them now, all over as they spread when they’re happy. I put a picture up for you on yesterday’s post. Not quite as artistic as yours though.

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