IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

Photo Credit: MARTIN STRANKA This is the prompt for MAGPIE TALES’ Mag 219

She’s in an in-between world
living an in-between life –
between childbirth and empty nest
between dirty dishes and clean
pressing buttons of the washing machine.
There she is in the evening
between days, old and new
wondering how she got there,
or how fast time flew
and still got nowhere
though she chased each second each hour
waiting for the next cascade of tears
or the ringing of laughter.
In her in-between world
there’s no savoring the now
it’s always moving, always turning
toward heaven or hell.


For MAGPIE TALES.  Please click the picture to visit the page and linked up responses. 🙂 Thank you very much.


11 thoughts on “IN BETWEEN (for Magpie Tales)

    1. Thanks, Starralee. 🙂 The photo is a prompt from Magpie Tales. Every Sunday, there is a new image prompt. Tess gives interesting prompts. The links runs for the week. Check out the page and join in the fun, too.

  1. I think many of us are sometimes caught in that in- between world. Hope it turns more towards heaven. than hell. Nice work I am glad I came over to read.

  2. Great job Imelda! That sounds like my daughter’s plaintive cry, especially during the holidays!! I can guarantee, you will someday remember this ‘in-between world’ with longing 🙂

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