I am not a fan of  Graffiti, but it seems to be quite popular these days especially with the mystery (not to mention the value) surrounding Banksy’s work.   So, riding on the popularity of this kind of street art, I am sharing today some wall art that I saw decorating some buildings in the old section of Montreal.  I admit though that it takes some serious talent and creativity to make these paintings.  They can also be quite beautiful (depending on one’s preferences of course).

Wall Art Wall Art 2



29 thoughts on “WPC: WORK OF ART

  1. I like the colors in the graffiti art, but I also like the look of old brick buildings without the distraction of art (we have more stucco than brick here in Arizona!)

    1. Yes, I like plain brick walls, too. I am one of those who want the walls clean and uncluttered but even so, these pieces are lovely. I have yet to see a proper stucco house. It will be nice to see styles other than the ones I see here. 🙂

    1. I read in one of the blogs that featured graffiti on trains that the graffiti started with the hobos from long ago. Drawing grafitti, if I recall correctly, was their way of communicating what to expect at certain train stops.

  2. I think they are rather awesome. They add so much life, so much color and so much character when done in a respectful way to the architecture and the neighborhood. Great photos! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing. “Graffiti” and “Street Art” are not always synonymous. Street art at times displays an artists’ soul and talent. Graffiti, at the best of times,,is simply someone with a grudge and a paint brush looking for something to deface. Thank you for sharing these Street Art pictures.

    1. Thank you very much for this enlightenment. I have always wondered about “street art” and “graffiti.” Until recently, I thought that the so-called street art is just glamourized vandalism. However, recent trends just proved how beautiful and creative (even if fleeting) street art can be.

  4. I really like that you featured this here. A lot of the street artists, talented ones, would have no other venue than the street or for people to see their work. Who knows what life it changes to have that one person see it and get word back to them. Like so many other things in life it has its place and in the right place really adds to the environment.

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