One of the things I like best about spring is that it is much much easier to peel the children off their computer games and send them outdoors to play.
On the Move2

Now that they are a little bigger, I do not have to constantly supervise them as they play in the backyard. I can watch my sons from the kitchen window and swoop down when I think that they are being overly rough and daring.

On the Move3

The only major concern that this outdoor play raises is the amount of dirty/muddy clothes I need to wash each day.   I guess, that is a fair exchange to having  toys and mess all over the house instead.

On the Move4

A mother cannot have everything she wants, can she? 🙂



23 thoughts on “WPC: ON THE MOVE

  1. What beautiful children you have! Mine are outside playing ball as well, it’s the perfect way to use up excess energy. Maybe I should go run with them as well 🙂

  2. How lovely to see your boys running free like this, enjoying the space and freedom to play as children should. A beautiful share. Thank you Imelda, and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you for tomorrow 🙂

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