My leaves dance and tease the wind
My limbs shelter the weary birds
I stand tall against the storm
My roots tap the earth’s bosom –
but only in my dreams where I can be
a tree that need not dream being a tree.

In the dark of night, I turn to the stars and cry
for each spark of hope that dies
with each pruning by a loving hand
to make me the perfect specimen
crowning the miniature of the habitat
that nature gave my big counterparts.

Perhaps, I am wrong
to ache for dreams that cannot be
to find myself in creatures
that I was not meant to be.
Self-pity had me blind
to the beauty, I’ve been told, I possess.
Could I see through your eyes
that I may look at myself with kindness?



Abhra Pal  of  DVERSE Poets’ Pub wants us to write about trees.   Check out Abhra’s and DVerse Pub for lovely poetry. 🙂





19 thoughts on “BONSAI

  1. Imelda, such an outstanding poem…wholesomely beautiful…i love the emotions within all of your words. It really has left a lasting smile on my face tonight. I have missed your embracing words…God bless!

  2. I had a ponsai tree once. I loved its beauty, but continued to feel sad that it was crippled for beauty. So, once day, I repotted it and allowed it to grow. I’ve repotted it several times now and it is growing happily in my dining room. Who knows…I may transplant it to the wild, one day. Loved your poem.

    1. Thanks, Sabra. Really, bonsai will get bigger with better circumstances? That’s one reason not to have a bonsai. It’s like having a bird in a golden cage.

  3. I had a bonsai once but didn’t know how to care for it ~ The careful pruning & watering of this small tree are a challenge ~ It’s a pity that we could not grow the trees as they should be ~ The personification & aching for dreams that cannot be, are perfectly captured ~

  4. Very beautiful and emotive poem of the little bonsai tree. I felt the heart of this little tree through your words, marvellous this Imelda 🙂

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