Our place is finally showing the hallmarks of Spring:  spring flowers and spring rains.  🙂


Spring is nurturing the new life to blossom to their full potential.


New Green

In Spring, we look forward to the flowers, forget the weeds come with them.

Pink Tulip

Orange Tulips

In Spring, even mud puddles are lovelier than swathes of pristine snow.


Dandelion Reflections

For WPC:  SPRING.   I guess I went overboard with my response.  Ash of Daily Post asked for only a photo that means Spring.   Nobody will mind seeing too many flowers, or will you?  Happy weekend! 🙂   Drop by the link to see more Spring.



17 thoughts on “WPC: SPRING

  1. Makes me want to travel towards Spring, instead of which, we’re going into Autumn. The seasons all seem much the same here, but it’s nice now, because the humidity of the Summer has gone away. Lovely pics, Imelda. 🙂

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