I took this photo about two weeks ago while we were driving through southern Quebec en route to Montreal. The fields are still empty, but ice has thawed, the trees have started to bud, and some fields are almost ready for planting.

My words fled
and joined the daffodils
leaving me with no poem to praise
the glories of spring. I can only listen to
birds’ serenades and watch flowers bloom –
and thus live the poem
words can’t make.



The above piece was written for Paint the World with Words‘ challenge for this week – to write a Triquain.  🙂

Thank you for coming by.


  1. See! Just like I said, you paint beautifully with words! I like your redesigned blog too, it feels like your words.

  2. Beautiful! You’re true! Sometimes, words are really not enough to describe what we feel. I loved this poem. It is different and thoughtful! Even though you say, you were unable to express what you saw and felt, it did feel the imagery! Excellent! Thank you for your participation.


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