Coming from a little blogging hiatus, I am a little at a loss about what to post. It had been a busy two weeks – there were the trip to Montreal and then the Holy week and Easter. Since it is till Easter time, allow me to greet you all a Happy Easter. 🙂


Meanwhile, inspite of winter’s reluctance to leave, Spring is well and kicking.  The flowers are out ….

This is one of the first two dandelions in our yard.
I am glad that the Narcissus was planted away from where April rains pool in the backyard.
I am glad that the Narcissus was planted away from where April rains pool in the backyard.
I realized that Forsythia is my least favorite spring flower. However, it is still great to see them in bloom.

…. and so are the animals.

I did not even have to walk less than a mile to the pond to see Mallards.  Last Friday afternoon, after sunset, I chanced upon these pair of Mallards swimming in the flood in our backyard.   While the  April rains wrought havoc in our basement, specifically on our water heater which needs to be replaced now, they brought floods that these two found good enough for their needs.  The flood was not all bad then. 🙂

Mister Mallard

LAdy Mallard

This squirrel finally had some fare aside from the nuts it collected in the Fall.

HUngry SquirrelThe cheerful Robins have joined the Sparrows and Starlings in the backyard.   Beware, summer berries.

what is up
These two robins caught my attention because one moment they were friends, then they were quarreling the next. On second thoughts, they could be Mr. and Mrs. Robin. 🙂

It was not only the world that is having spring.  I noticed that this page got some new friends while I was away.  Thank you and welcome to all.  Your presence is much appreciated.  🙂  To you friends, old and new, I promise to catch up with your posts soon. 🙂

Happy Easter to all.

8 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. Happy Easter, Imelda! Isn’t it great seeing the flowers and the ducks and the squirrels, again? Theres a bunny rabbit that hangs out in my neighborhood and I’ve been seeing more of him lately and it’s so great. Happy Spring!

  2. I’m glad to hear that someone else doesn’t care for Forsythia–it was never a fave of mine, as I don’t care for yellow! Pinks and blues and reds, for me. God bless you abundantly!

  3. Welcome back Imelda, so glad to hear that you enjoyed a lovely Easter break. Beautiful photos of all the wildlife and flowers – spring has definitely sprung, how wonderful 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear about your water heater – no fun! But it’s true about the ducks. Everytime we get nasty flooding weather I just look for my ducks happily paddling around in all the puddles and try to take comfort in the fact that *something* is enjoying the weather!

    I’m extra happy spring has arrived, because I’m looking forward to more of your gorgeous flower pictures!

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