This is MAGPIE TALES’ image prompt for MAG 214. Photo Credit: KELSEY HANNAH

So this is how a dream feels like – a ray of sunshine
that filters through my hands, illuminates it for a while
with a million stars exploding into dust before my eyes.
What a lovely phantasm that brightens the earthbound
and elevates the mundane to the Ethereal. Rather than
vapors, I wish for dreams that rest upon my hands
like a rose, its velvety petals caressing my palms with none
of my blood kissing the rose’s thorns. But where could I
hold the sun and be not burned; where could stars dance
in my eyes without me being plunged to darkness.
Tell me where the ideal and reality are the same
that I may find my way to that blessed place.



For Magpie Tales’ Mag 214 and  April 2014 PAD Challenge – Day 5 (a Discovery Poem).  Please click on the photo and the links to visit Tess Kincaid and the friends of Magpie Tales, and PAD Challenge, respectively.  Thank you very much for dropping by. 🙂




  1. I pray that my dreams and reality will become one someday … very poignant, Imelda, thank you for sharing your gift of weaving words into a form of artistry with us, salamat po!

  2. Love the photo and the paragraph. Dreams in our sleep are so unpredictable. They can be ever so sweet until we don’t want to wake up or they can be hideously horrifying that we don’t want to back to sleep after it jars us awake. Daydreaming is another thing altogether – and usually always is very nice 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Words, sentiment, imagery, and photo! I think everyone would love find this blessed place, and maybe hopefully a few of us are lucky enough to get there. 🙂

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