FEAST IN THE HOUSE OF SIMON, 1610, EL GRECO Magpie Tales Mag 211 Prompt

Since I anointed my Lord
with nard from the alabaster jar
I had been subject to ridicule
from the apostles, of all people.
How dare I waste such perfume
to wash their own Master’s feet
when it could have been sold
for the poor’s benefit!
But, could anything be too precious
for Jesus, the Son of God?
Could anything inferior
be allowed by love?
I whom He had saved
from the murderous crowd
could only show my gratitude
with the best that I have.
And if there was anything
more beautiful that I could give
I would have offered it
with joy in His hands
by whose generosity
my soul came back to life.



The poem was inspired by Magpie Tales’ challenge from 2 weeks ago and Day 4 of the 2014 PAD Challenge – write a poem beginning with SINCE.

Blessed Sunday to all. 🙂


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