MAGPIE TALES’ MAG 213 Image prompt. Please click the link for more responses.


I wrote my love letter in the wind
with smiles and tears and hopes and dreams
I perfumed it with lavender to appease your heart
and let my words sing with the robin’s trill
I colored my letters with the blooms of spring
that you may not find me bland
Last I wrapped it in a bow
that only the rain and sun can make
to convince you of love’s unique magic.
But I forgot, you and I have never met
so I tossed my missive to the skies
and watched it fall in pieces
If you find the parts
and make them whole,
for ever and a day
you will have my heart.


For MAGPIE TALES and 2014 April PAD Challenge  which was to write a Message Poem.

19 thoughts on “LOVE LETTER

      1. I remember writing letter to someone I would never meet…he answered 2 and passed away in ’98; I still love him, always will.

      2. Oh, how sad. I am so sorry for your loss. And yet, how beautiful it is that you have that gift of love and that you have found that kind of love. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Starralee.

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