Here are my ideas of smooth.

Pink Beads
These beads form part of a handmade bracelet. It was given to me as a going away gift when I migrated to the US about ten years ago. The rose background is the design of a fine china cup that I picked up from a yard sale.
Red Beads
The bracelet is a Christmas gift from my husband. It sits on the lip of a pink champagne glass which I bought from a thrift shop.
I got the pears (I cannot remember what exactly these shapes are called) when we visited the Philippines in 2012. There is a place in Metro Manila where one can find a great selection of pearls, man-made and natural, at reasonable prices. They sit on the lid of a teapot that I got from a yard sale.
Teapot color
I am recycling this picture because I like teapots! 🙂 This is my second teapot of this same design. I found something similar from the Salvation Army but I sold it on eBay. A few years later, I found this set at a yard sale and kept it.

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