In February, my husband and I had our annual date-without-the-children day.  Because it was our 10th anniversary, we decided to go to somewhere special.  We watched a play.   There was a big snowstorm in the forecast but we pushed through with our plans anyway.  After all, that was our only chance to be out by ourselves.  My MIL, who came over from Maine to babysit the children, would go back home soon.

The trip to Providence, RI (which was only 30 minutes or so from us) was uneventful except for the fact that my husband realized belatedly that he left our tickets at home! Good thing that we were able to get in anyway after a few extra minutes spent at the ticket counter.

When we got out of the theater, the snowstorm was in full swing.  The pictures below show the scene that greeted us as we headed towards our car.
After the ShowWalking in a Snow Storm

Braving the Snow


Meanwhile, the next picture is not in anyway related to the events above.  This one was taken in March in our very own town on our way to a game convention in a neighboring town.  I was aiming my camera at random places when I saw this scene at a street corner.  I thought that it was pretty interesting.

ConversationI guess you might be tiring of snow by now, so, just to end with happier thoughts, I bring to you a street scene in Montreal when we visited last summer.  This road, by the Montreal Science Museum and sandwiched between the harbor and a park,  was blocked for people’s use.  I think that it was a very thoughtful gesture. 🙂

Montreal Afternnoon

Thank you very much for coming by.  Happy weekend to you all.  For more STREET LIFE, please visit WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE.

39 thoughts on “WPC: STREET LIFE

  1. Great urban shots Imelda, love the black and white and also the ‘random’ photo really captures a story of street life. The snow shots look like stills from a movie! Just wonderful. Have a lovely weekend and I hope that your spring arrives soon 🙂

  2. Imelda, the first three shots are great and the first one has a completely retro feel to it. Love them. We’re waiting for spring here in Chicago, too, but it’s certainly taking it’s time!! Glad your anniversary wasn’t ruined by the forgotten tickets.


  3. Whoa, that’s not just snowfall, that’s definitely a blizzard! Good thing you made it home safely! I’m afraid I just have to say I really don’t miss that! 😛 Anyway, I really love your street photos in the snow.

    1. My camera was not but, happily, the snowflakes were easy enough to remove. True, Man of La Mancha was a good play. It gave a lot of things to think about. 🙂

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