Photo Credit: “MY BED” by Tracy Emin This picture is Magpie Tales MAG 212 Prompt.

Any room would have been fine by her
big or small, even if there were only curtains
to shield her from everyone’s eyes,
even when the place was a sty. She was sure
that she could make the room look pretty.
She wanted her privacy. Nobody understood –
“A contrarian with princess-y airs,” they said
of her “because she was breech birth,”
“and with light brown hair.”
“She’s different,” she heard them
explain her different ways.

She was an outsider
she wanted her own retreat –
a room,
a heart
to let her in
and shield her from prying eyes
and loose lips.
She did not care if it was a mess
so long as she could be safe
to be herself.



This piece was inspired by the above picture-prompt by MAGPIE TALES, and DVERSE POETS’ PUB’s  Meeting the Bar:  Rhythm and Verse.  Tony of DVERSE invites us to write in blank verse and focus on the rhythm of the poem.  Do visit these wonderful places for beautiful written pieces. 🙂 Thank you very much for coming by.  🙂




  1. I love the flow of this poem, Imelda. You’ve maintained it all the way through the varying lengths of your lines … and that’s not so easy to do. Not sure about the Tracey Emin though; if my room looked like that, I’d make sure nobody was ever allowed to see it!

    • Thanks, Tony. I appreciate your feedback. 🙂 I really do not know (consciously) what I am doing. It takes an unbiased eye for me to see.

      Neither do I care for that bedroom photo. It’s difficult to find things in there.

  2. I can understand the need to have her own room for privacy and just to be herself ~ If you come from a large family though, you have to wait till you are older so you can move out and have the whole room or house to yourself ~ Have a good weekend Imelda ~

    • True. Our family was not so large, but we had a rather small house growing up and we all shared one room. Eventually, I had a room of my own and that was when I was much older and away from home.

  3. It’s so true, I can relate to the “need her own room,” bit. Introverts aren’t always understood by the masses.. smiles.. nice piece on the value of some alone time and privacy.

  4. agree with claudia…not only a room, but a home where one can have space to just be free to be ourselves without any interference……our domain?

    • hmmm, that is true, especially when one is married and raising a family. How terrible is it to be unable to run the household according to one’s own rules and standards. 🙂

  5. very evocative! we all look for our space and that does not have anythign to do with being breech born with brown hair…:) i liked that image

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