If I have a rainbow
I will strip the patina
of your shattered love
and make you a new man.

I will pour rose’s velvet red
and drain the scarlet rage
from your veins.

I will paint over
the jealous green of your eyes
with the hopeful hues of spring.

I will sprinkle sunshine
in the corners of your mind
to end your golden idols’ reign.

I will even out the blue
of your stormy seas to give you
the calm of a summer’s sky.

I will turn temper’s fire
flickering in your arms
with affection’s orange warmth.

When I am done
you will shine bright
dazzling joy in your countenance,
if only I have a rainbow.

But magic is not mine
and even if the opposite is true
I cannot change you
because no one
but you



DVERSE PUB features Colors in Poetics.   The community is encouraged to write a poem about coloring others.  This piece was inspired by a picture I saw the other day of a child holding one end of a rainbow and a loved one.

Thank you for coming by.  Do visit the PUB by clicking the link for some lovely writing.


15 thoughts on “IF I HAVE A RAINBOW

  1. very cool…i like how you opened with the rainbow…and then broke it apart describing how you would use each color in it to help them…rainbow being a symbol of hope i think you would have given them much….smiles.

  2. This is one of my favorite poems from you.. I love how you worked on the opposing meaning on the same color.. which makes the last stanza so much stronger… it’s really not about the colors at all.,, but how we use them.

  3. it is true…we cannot change someone else… though i think if we look at people with loving eyes it has power to change their color shade a bit – maybe a chain reaction – we treat them in a different way and they respond… sigh … i wanna paint the whole world a bit warmer, you know…smiles

  4. I know we can’t change someone else but I thought it cool that you use colors to change their personalities – more calm, more hopeful, certainly a new man ~

  5. So true, we can’t really change another person … I love how you used colors to express this wish of making someone less bitter, more hopeful … sometimes love does soften us a bit … a ripple effect. 🙂

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